Welcome To Super Fudo Shop

”Superfudo” is a company founded by like-minded people, which combines tradition and technology to produce innovative, organic products. We know that what is best lies in nature, therefore our products do not contain preservatives, artificial colour and sweeteners. Only naturally preserved vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances will help you feel healthy and energetic every day.

We are located in Lithuania, a country famous for its beautiful and rich nature. We collect organic fruit, berries, herbs and other natural gifts in our country‘s natural, clean forests and fields. We treat them as naturally as possible, saving as many useful properties as possible.

We are enthusiasts of healthy, organic and ”green” lifestyles. Therefore, we not only take the good of nature but also try to return the “debt”. We allocate part of the earned money to environmental protection organizations and forest conservation activists.

We believe that, in fact, an organic product must save not only human health but also natural health. Therefore, thanks to the nature for its gifts, we use only quick-cut packages, and we devote some of our funds to support nature conservation organizations and forest conservation activists. Our friendly to nature business vision announces – nature takes care of us, so we need to take care of nature!

We strive to provide your body, mind and spirit with healthy, organic, ecological food. The harsh Lithuanian winters have taught the people of our country to preserve vitamins and minerals in fruit, berries and vegetables over the long cold season in natural ways. By using traditional methods and combining them with new technologies, we have found ways to provide you only with naturally-treating health-promoting products. All of the strength of nature – so we could be strong and energetic!

We collect the most valuable products of nature in Lithuanian forests and meadows. We treat fruit, berries and herbs in natural, traditional ways. We provide you with a source of health and well-being. For a human being – right from nature, with love to nature!

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  • Address: Veiverių g. 9B-1

  • Postcode: LT-11346

  • Town: Vilnius

  • Bank: PaySera

  • Account number: LT233500010003872344

  • Certificate number: 33MTSPP-3160